Will I Be Able To Handle The Pain?2018-01-04T20:06:39+00:00

Yes! You are stronger than you realize. Our experience is that most women, when properly prepared, handle labor much better than they think they will. Our culture has ingrained in women that labor is an unbearably painful event. Many women find that this is not necessarily the case. This is especially true when women are are able to move, eat, drink, sleep, use the tub or shower, and follow the direction that their bodies urge them to go.

Is The Use Of Pain Medication Permitted?2018-01-04T20:08:26+00:00

Due to the safety concerns with the use of medication for pain control, we do not use them in a home birth environment. Pain medications introduce a level of risk that is not present in a natural labor. When they are used, they need to be in an environment that allows for medical intervention to reverse their effects if an unforeseen side effect occurs.

What Can Cause Me To Be Risked Out Of A Home Birth2018-01-04T20:11:17+00:00

The Colorado Department of Health has set out a list of requirements about who may be eligible for birth with licensed midwives. Issues that may cause a woman to be risked out include, but are not limited to:
-Health issues that make out-of-hospital birth unsafe for either the woman or her child
-Not meeting the requirements for VBAC
-Multiple gestation
-The mental health stability in the mother

What If I Need To Transfer To A Hospital2018-01-04T20:12:10+00:00

Our goal is to not wait until an emergency situation, if a transfer is going to become necessary. Most issues can be recognized and a change in plans can be put into place.

In that scenario, there is time to move from one location to the other in a smooth, relaxed manner. If, in the rare situation that something truly emergent were to happen, the hospital would be alerted to the issue and transport arranged. Care can be smoothly transitioned and the emergent care received within minutes.

Do You Take Insurance?2018-01-04T20:12:39+00:00

Yes! We are considered an out of network provider but can often times get most of our cost covered by your insurance company (you may have a co-insurance payment requirement however). You can check your eligibility here: http://www.tendergiftsmidwifery.com/insurance-form/