Can’t wait to have another so we can hire Althea!

We love Althea! We had a homebirth in September 2014 when she was a doula- midwife in training. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, patient, and has a caring and  attitude. It is so easy to develop a friendly rapport with her, which is essential in your patient/midwife dialogue. She was the first to arrive on the scene for our homebirth. She was calm and confidant and took over with great initiative and provided emotional stability for my family and I. Althea’s professionalism and competence allowed my mother to relax and enjoy the moment; which in turn allowed me to be present, focused and less distracted. My homebirth was a great experience.

Joan and Seth

Althea is a God-send!

My husband and I were planning a homebirth but when our precious daughter decided to make her entrance into this world 4 weeks early, our delivery location changed to the hospital. Althea was there with me throughout my labor. She encouraged me. She coached me. She controlled my feisty brother. ? She helped set a calm tone in my delivery room. She massaged my back through my nasty back-labor…talk about heavenly! When I was “pushing”, she leaned over and whispered in my ear how I could push more effectively. That was exactly what I needed. My family had never heard of doulas before and they still talk about how amazing Althea was and how everyone needs to have a doula. Althea is a God-send. I can’t imagine having another baby without Althea by my side. She is an absolutely amazing doula, has a delightful personality, and anyone would be blessed to have her at their side.


Her support was amazing

Althea played a great part in making my journey into motherhood smooth. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was terrified. After learning about Doulas and how much their presence can help I knew I had to have one. Althea was the first Doula I met and I just knew before we even talked that she was the one. I knew I wanted to have a natural birth, but was still on the fence about planning a homebirth Knowing I had Althea’s support and knowledge behind me made the decision easy. During my birth, her presence was instrumental not only for me, but even more so for my husband. He was gentle, supportive and very confident because of the safety net that Althea created for him. Her support before, during and after the birth of my little girl was amazing, and the friendship that has grown from that will always be dear to me.


She was the calm voice of reason that I needed

I had always dreamed of having a natural, drug free birth and Althea helped me achieve this. Her calm, confident nature & experience created an atmosphere that was conducive to achieving my goal. When I started to lose confidence in myself, Althea stepped in & gave me the strength to continue. She was the calm voice of reason that I needed. If & when I have another child I hope to have Althea by my side again ?